E36 M3 Radiator Baffle

$ 39.95

The Motion Motorsport Radiator Baffle for the E36 chassis is designed for the dual-purposed street/track application where improved cooling efficiency is desired. It is the perfect addition to your Motion Motorsport E36 M3 Underpanel Kit.

The Function:

This kit has been designed to help maximize cooling efficiency for those hot days on a radiator-busting road course (such as our local NHMS and NJMP), or on the street. We have observed 10 - 15 degree F water temperature reductions at the cylinder head during A/B testing over other common baffling solutions when supplementing a functioning, optimized cooling system.

The Application:

An aftermarket puller electric fan, or aftermarket unshrouded pusher is a recommended prerequisite in conjunction with the use of this kit, however the original equipment auxiliary fan is compatible. The kit features a punch-out to accommodate the stock electric auxiliary fan harness plug. Aftermarket or retrofit radiators are compatible as well, provided the core geometry as viewed from the front is similar.

Please note: This kit will not fit cars equipped with the automatic transmission cooler without modification.

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