E36 M3 GT/A Splitter

$ 358.95

The Motion Motorsport GT/Adjustable Splitter for the E36 M3 is designed to provide a comprehensive on-demand aero solution in a package capable of providing on-track functionality while handling the rigors and requirements of street life. Grip at speed is significantly increased, and steering feel is confident and immediately responsive.

This kit is fully CAD designed, and pairs to the CNC laser-cut Motion Motorsport E36 M3 Underpanel kit as the installation interface.

Splitter Design:

The GT/A Splitter kit features a multi-point sliding design for infinitely variable length adjustment from fully retracted to fully extended. In minor impact situations, the design allows it to retract in order to minimize damage. The splitter material is a very lightweight yet extremely robust thermoplastic, and is paired to a series of laser cut and formed aluminum guide plates. These plates are designed to provide additional rigidity and strength to the splitter in order to combat the common issue of deformation at high speed, as well as aid in managing initial underbody airflow. They are also individually replaceable while the splitter is mounted to the car.

As it mates to our E36 Underpanel kit, it can be completely removed while still retaining 100% of your underbody protection. The splitter extends back underneath the car, terminating just in front of the sway bar.


It is recommended in order to utilize this piece in its full functional capacity that it be paired with a rear wing, as it is capable of producing considerable amounts of downforce at full extension.

NOTE: The E36 M3 Underpanel Kit is not included in the GT/A Splitter kit. It is required for proper installation and function of the GT/A Splitter. If not currently installed on your car, please refer to the E36 M3 GT/A Splitter and E36 M3 Underpanel Package in our store.

As each GT/A Splitter is finished and assembled by hand, please allow up to 2 - 3 business days to ship.

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