E36 M3 Underpanel Kit

$ 160.99

The Motion Motorsport Aluminum Underpanel for the E36 chassis is designed to replace the factory molded plastic front splash panel sections that are known to tear and sheer off both on the street and at the track.

The Underpanel:

This piece is fully CAD designed with all pieces precision laser cut and CNC punched. Designed to be superior to anything else currently on the market, it consists of a 1-piece .080" aluminum panel utilizing a unique a bracket system which connects straight into the frame rails. The brackets have been engineered and tested to hold more than 300lbs of downward force without failure. Additionally, the easy removal system features threaded studs mounted into the bumper that allows for a very quick and simple removal and re-installation of the underpanel. Finally, you can rest easy if you are missing or have damaged your OEM plastic fender liners or pork chops as the underpanel does not require these pieces individually or in combination since it relies on other points of strength (brackets straight to the frame rails and bumper studs) to remain fastened to the car. The Motion Motorsport underpanel positively postitions the fender liner pieces and supports the often flimsy plastic, as opposed to the common method of relying on them to support the rearward portion of the tray.

The underpanel protects the engine bay components like the radiator, pulleys, and belts from dirt and debris, and extends backwards, terminating just in front of the factory sway bar.

The hardware included in the kit is very high quality stainless steel and corrosion resistant automotive grade steel. The frame rail inserts that aid in securing the brackets to hold the underpanel are of a high quality engineering grade nylon, rated to outlast other common grade nylon inserts.


Beyond the primary function and intent of a splash panel, airflow is a major consideration in designing an underpanel, both under the front bumper, and through the auxiliary fan, AC condenser, and radiator assembly. Underneath the front lip of the car, the Motion Motorsport underpanel rakes upwards front to back, supported and positioned by our bracketed design. This helps to assist in inducing a low pressure area underneath the front end at high speed for additional stability (supported by the contributed rigidity of our frame rail brackets) and isolate turbulent air moving through the auxiliary fan/condenser/radiator and into the engine compartment above like any other underpanel. All of our independent test mule cars have noted significantly improved high speed stability over any other kit on the market.

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