E36-7/8 Underpanel Kit

$ 160.99

The Motion Motorsport Aluminum Underpanel for the Z3 and MZ3 E36-7/8 chassis is designed to replace the factory molded plastic front splash panel sections that are known to tear, crack, and sheer off both on the street and at the track, withstanding track offs, cones, or road debris with confidence.

The Underpanel:

This piece is fully CAD designed with all pieces precision CNC laser cut and formed. It consists of a 1-piece .080" aluminum panel utilizing a unique bracket system which connects straight to the chassis. You can rest easy if you are missing or have damaged your OEM plastic fender liners as the underpanel does not require these pieces individually or in combination since it relies on other points of strength to remain fastened to the car.

The underpanel improves underbody aerodynamics, protects the engine bay components like the radiator, pulleys, and belts from dirt and debris, and extends backwards, terminating just in front of the front sway bar.

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