Infinitely Variable Race Seat Brackets

$ 119.99

Our side-mount brackets are designed to be the go-to standard in race seat mounting. These beautiful pieces are formed from aluminum and stainless steel, and feature a tough matte black powdercoat finish. Included are 4 M8 grade 10.9 bolts and washers per side mount pair. (Pairs are driver/passenger side specific)

These brackets feature a keyed rotating slot insert to allow for infinitely variable fine tuned positioning of your race seat ... NO MORE re-drilling, elongating, or cutting up your brackets that feature fixed-position mount holes. Simply place your seat in position and rotate the slotted inserts to find your mount hole below the bracket. Precise geometry locks everything in place when tightened down. A frustrating hour long ordeal to fit a seat is now a 5 minute breeze. (Patent Pending)

Bracket pairs feature offset driver/passenger specific profiles in order to fit your seat as close as possible to the transmission tunnel to allow ideal positioning without interference from the inboard bracket. This gets your seat CENTERED and eliminates overhang for solid and safe contact to your floor adapter. Design is compliant to fit all common fixed-back race seats, in addition to most common seat sliders and matrix-style floor plates. Material specs meet or exceed FIA recommendations.

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